Following is the schedule of presentations given at the CyPosium on 12 October 2012. The times given are UK times (observing DST).

Facilitators: Helen Varley Jamieson & Nathalie Fougeras
3pm UK
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Cyber­for­mance? Dig­i­tal or Net­worked Per­for­mance? Cyberthe­aters? Or Vir­tual Theatres? … or all of the above?: Maria Chatzichristodoulou
followed by a discussion
3.50pm UK Coffee break


Block 1
Facilitator: Helen Varley Jamieson
4pm UK
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Wirefire: A Complete History of Love in the Wires (parts 17-24): Auriea Harvey & Michaël Samyn
4.30pm UK
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We Have Always Been Avatars, and Avatars Must Die: Alan Sondheim
5pm UK
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More/Less Than a Cyberfession: A few theoretical short-(cir)cu(i)ts from Learn to hear through the lies of your eyes: Miljana Perić
5.30pm UK
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Discussion with Auriea Harvey, Alan Sondheim & Miljana Perić
6pm UK Break


Block 2
Facilitator: Vicki Smith
7pm UK
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ATHEMOO and NetSeduction: Censorship and The Art of Sexting Before Cell Phones: Stephen A. Schrum
7.30pm UK
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HEAD SHOT! Performative Interventions in Mixed Realities: Joseph DeLappe
8pm UK
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So far, and yet, so close: Lessons from Telematic Improvisation: Adriene Jenik
8.30pm UK
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Discussion with Stephen A. Schrum, Joseph DeLappe & Adriene Jenik
9pm UK Break


Block 3
Facilitator: Annie Abrahams
10pm UK
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Re-Calling Home!: ActiveLayers
10.30pm UK
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Ethernet Orchestra: Case Studies of Networked Intercultural Improvisation: Roger Mills
11pm UK
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Transmittance – a telematic performance: Maja Delak & Luka Prinčič
11.30pm UK
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Discussion with Active­Lay­ers, Roger Mills, Maja Delak & Luka Prinčič
12 midnight UK Break


Facilitators: Suzon Fuks & Christina Papagiannouli
1am UK
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Discussion with Helen Varley Jamieson, Vicki Smith, Annie Abrahams & Nathalie Fougeras