The CyPosium was a cyberformance symposium that took place online on 12 October 2012, to create a space to discuss and reflect on cyberformance, networked performance and online performance.

This website is an archive of the CyPosium, including recordings of all of the presentations and the book that was produced after the event. It is updated occasionally with relevant news and resources.

“Before the first”

In 2020, many people encountered online performance for the first time.
We asked some of our peers “When was your first online performance?”

“Before the first” is a brief glimpse of the diversity of online performance created before 2020. Compiled by Annie Abrahams, Helen Varley Jamieson and Suzon Fuks. Edited by Suzon Fuks. Click here for full credits.

Political CyberformancePolitical Cyberformance: The Etheatre Project

A new book by Christina Papagiannouli, Political Cyberformance: The Etheatre Project, examines the use of internet platforms as theatrical, rehearsal and performance spaces and explores the interactive and political potentials of online theatre, questioning the boundaries of these in-between spaces and the spatial experiences they engender. It is published by Palgrave McMillian and can be ordered here.

Christina was one of the organisers of the CyPosium in 2012, and with her Etheatre project has been involved in UpStage for many years. She and her collaborators presented cyberformances at the 11:11:11 and 121212 festivals, and at the UpStage 10th Birthday in 2014. She has participated in We have a situation! and Water-wheel Tap, and is currently part of the team developing a funding proposal for the next-generation cyberformance platform.


CyPosium Book Review

neuralCypoBook_croppedIssue 51 of features a review of CyPosium – the book.

“The whole event has been carefully recorded and shared on the website, but the book format turns out to be perfectly functional too. […] As in the best performance tradition, this is an extensive documentation but it is also rendering content into a stable and reliable format, giving indefinite access to knowledge.”

Read the full review here.


The CyPosium: 12 October 2012

DB2-S-2-700Since the early 1990s, there has been a growing body of live performance that is situated online. These events differ enormously in form and content, are described with multiple terms (such as cyberformance, remote performance, internet theatre, screen stage, computer-mediated performance), are staged in a variety of online environments (such as text-based and graphical chat rooms, sound broadcast, real time choreography for screen, virtual worlds, games and purpose-built or existing platforms as for instance facebook) and engage diverse audiences. The net, however, is forgetful: it loses the memory of those events, and of the people who lived them, of the environments and communities who hosted them.

On 12 October 2012, a cyberformance symposium was organised by a group of artists interested in online performance practices. It was hosted on the Waterwheel Tap and UpStage, where artists and researchers presented and discussed their online performances with other artists, researchers and interested participants. Maria ChatzichristodoulouQuestions tackled included: What different kind of events happened? What did they make possible? What was special about the event? Why were things done in a certain way and what were the results?

We invited proposals for presentations about past online performances (click here to see the call) and received a very good response, from which we selected 9 presentations and an introduction.