The CyPosium was a cyberformance symposium that took place online on 12 October 2012, to create a space to discuss and reflect on cyberformance, networked performance and online performance.

This website is an archive of the CyPosium, including recordings of all of the presentations and the book that was produced after the event. It is updated occasionally with relevant news and resources.

Hole In Space How Theatre came to the Internet - The German theatre website is hosting an online series called "Performing Internet or How Theatre came to the Internet". The first two sessions feature the work of Sherrie Rabinowitz, Kit Galloway and Juli Burk.
Before the First Before the First … - In 2020, many people encountered online performance for the first time. We asked some of our peers “When was your first online performance?”
Political Cyberformance Political Cyberformance: The Etheatre Project - A new book by Christina Papagiannouli, Political Cyberformance: The Etheatre Project, examines the use of internet platforms as theatrical, rehearsal and performance spaces and explores the interactive and political potentials of online theatre, questioning the boundaries of these in-between spaces and the spatial experiences they engender.
Launch of “CyPosium – the book” - CyPosium - the book was launched on 12 December with an event in Munich and online.
CyPosium – The Book – reviewed - "CyPosium - The Book" has been reviewed on
CyPosium – The Book! - Published by Link Editions and La Panacée, CyPosium – the book is a collection of material from the CyPosium. Presentations, chat and discussion excerpts, illustrations and more, contributed by international artists and CyPosium participants. The book is available as a free pdf or full colour hard copy. View a recording of the launch cyberformance, and […]
Cyberformance Manifesto Rewriting Live Cyberformance Manifesto Rewriting - A live collaborative rewriting of the Cyberformance Manifesto took place on 26 March 2013, inspired by the CyPosium. The Cyberformance Manifesto was first written by Helen Varley Jamieson in 2008 as a chapter in her Master’s thesis, and intended to be a living document that would evolve as the artform of cyberformance evolved. A live […]
CyPosium an online symposium on cyberformance - Since the early 1990s, there has been a growing body of live performance that is situated online. These events differ enormously in form and content, are described with multiple terms (such as cyberformance, remote performance, internet theatre, screen stage, computer-mediated performance), are staged in a variety of online environments (such as text-based and graphical chat […]